Alexander Trees

Restoring the Environment Alexander Trees is more than just a company that designs and sells products. We have a strong passion: to make the planet greener! Through our business, we raise money to plant trees in critical habitats all over the world. We work with several organizations that help us to plant the trees in locations ranging from urban areas in the U.S

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Every time you purchase an Alexander Trees product, we plant at least one tree. Each product is labeled with the number of trees that we pledge to plant when it is sold. So when you buy something from A.Trees, you are doing more than just getting a great new product, you’re making the world a better place!

Alexander Trees is a member of a global alliance called 1% For The Planet, which is made up of businesses who are dedicated enough to the environment that we pledge to donate at least 1% of our sales (not just our profits, but our total sales) to environmental charities and organizations around the world.

As you help Alexander Trees grow, you are helping us have an even greater effect on the planet. Wear our garments proudly! Spread the word! YOU are Alexander Trees!